Africa ESG, Impact Investing & Sustainable Finance Summit & Expo 2024 | May 30-31 2024 | Johannesburg | South Africa

The 5th Annual Africa ESG, Impact investing and Sustainable Finance Summit and Expo 2024 will be hosted on the 30-31 May 2024 in Johannesburg South Africa

The Summits are hosted in Southern Africa, East Africa and West/North Africa. The 2024 forums are part of our Africa forums which have been hosted over the last ten years under different banners and are the leading ecosystem on the continent bringing together key stakeholders in the Environmental, social and governance (ESG) landscape, Impact investing, Climate Change and Sustainable Finance sectors with the intention of driving climate change adaptation and mitigation,promotion of sustainable/ climate finance, and the acceleration of the efforts towards achieving the UN sustainable development goals on the continent. 

The forums offer premium and exclusive opportunities to speak, present, sponsor, collaborate and attend-with a unmatched reach, exposure and reach for brands in the sector and offer a great platform and experience in front of a local, continental and global hybrid audience of key industry stakeholders.

Africa Series of Forum | Southern Africa | East and Central Africa | West and North Africa

The Africa series comprises of 3 regional forums hosted annually in Southern Africa, East and Central Africa and West /North Africa at Africa’s economic and commercial hubs of Johannesburg / Cape Town, Nairobi and Lagos Nigeria. The East Africa 2023 forum was held on the 27-28 February in Nairobi kenya while the 2022 Southern Africa edition was successfully hosted at the Mdluli Safari lodge, Kruger National Park, South Africa with both summits bringing together over 40
continental and global speakers, over 150 physical and over 100 virtual delegate
s each in addition to participants from more than 20 countries comprising of industry stakeholders, asset managers, institutional investors, governments, NGO/NPO’s, development partners, ESG consultants, academics and researchers, industry associations, regulators and policy makers,Development Finance Institutions, impact investors, regulators and various financial services providers.

Key Industry Stakeholders

The summits bring together key stakeholders in the ESG, Impact investing, Climate Change & Sustainable Finance space with a key focus on Impact Investing, Sustainability, Green Finance and Climate change. Coming on the backdrop of COP27, the summit will address critical and necessary interventions that investors, asset owners and managers, regulators and policy makers will need to deploy towards achieving the UN sustainable development goals as well as to mitigate against climate related risks. The 2-day event will also explore the role of Institutional Investors, Financial services providers, Foundations and charities plus NPOs, regulators, asset owners and managers in impact investing across the African continent and will examine critical approaches and strategies towards climate action and social impact.

Why  Participate: The summit offers great opportunities for:

  • Learning all the latest trends, insights and best practices in the industry
  • Meeting and engaging industry stakeholders
  • Business Development
  • Exploring industry opportunities
  • Learning from select case studies and projects
  • Presenting and launching products to a strategic and receptive industry audience
  • Speaking, presentations and industry debates
  • Meeting financiers, potential partners and project promoters
  • Learning latest industry trends and developments from experts and industry specialists
  • Match-making and meetings
  • Funding
  • Marketingand brand positioning
  • Industry engagement and networking
  • Exhibitions and product launches
  • Pitching opportunities
  • Engagements with impact investors, industry representatives, policy makers, regulators, financiers and suppliers
  • Expansion, mergers and acquisitions
  • Engaging with the industry and key stakeholders
  • Etc

Event Overview:

The global push towards sustainable investing is gaining momentum and investors and asset owners are increasingly facing immense pressure to incorporate sustainable considerations which include Environmental,Social and Governance within all their investment decisions. ESG related risks pose and present new challenges to organisations, businesses and economies -ranging from compliance issues, reporting, risk management and disclosures. Climate risk is now real and eminent -and investors and world leaders will have to play a pivotal role to drive the narrative towards sustainability through their actions and investment decisions. Climate transition poses material risk to the sustainability of economies, businesses and investments across the globe.

 Sustainable Finance

It’s now no longer just about Profits-Sustainable/Green Finance advocates for the full incorporation of Environmental, Social and Governance considerations in all investments decisions and in essence including people and the planet in those decisions. Whether its gender equality, human rights, carbon emissions to board selections,biodiversity and diversity and inclusion-investors are now calling for more transparency and accountability from investee companies. Investments should
therefore now have a positive impact on people and the planet besides profits-and this is increasingly becoming a key consideration by investors seeking to deploy capital. This summit will delve into the green finance ecosystem in Southern Africa and will explore the regulatory and policy frameworks, guidelines and taxonomies that will guide the sector, investment strategies and opportunities, inherent challenges and risks by bringing together key stakeholders from the public and private sector within Southern Africa.

Covid 19 and Sustainability

Although Vaccine roll-outs globally have had a positive impact in containing the spread Covid19, the pandemic has wrought havoc to global economies, disrupted livelihoods and changed how we live and interact. Covid19 has also exposed key vulnerabilities in key sectors; including healthcare, Food security, transport , education and trade- exposing millions to new realities, unanticipated new challenges and ushered in a new normal. Although the pandemic has not spared anyone, it has hit the most vulnerable groups in society hardest with the forced lock-downs constrained movements leading to redundancies, retrenchments and reduced economic activity.

This state of affairs has once again demonstrated the relevance of Impact Investing especially in view of some of the key sectors that resilience and preparedness was key in battling a global pandemic such as healthcare, education, agriculture, food production, logistics and transport, water and sanitation and energy. Africa Insights and Its industry partners will again host the annual Africa Impact Investing summit in May 2023 in South Africa and bring together key industry stakeholders to deliberate and discuss strategic approaches for mobilising and scaling up deployment of the much needed capital towards impact Investing in a Covid19/Post Covid19 era.

The following topics and themes will be covered plus other various and relevant sub-themes;

Below are some of the Speakers from our Southern Africa summit 2022 summit held at the Mdluli Safari Lodge (AA green rated Sustainable Tourism Facility), Kruger National Park, South Africa

  • Alan Kessler, Chairman And CEO, African Agriculture,
    New York
  • Alexandra Silfverstolpe, Founder And Managing Director,
    Data Act Lab, Sweden
  • Amy Ryan, Chief Circular Economist, ESG Strategies, USA
  • Andrey Bogdanov, Principal And Interim CEO, Risk
    Insights, South Africa
  • Chito Siame: Investment Principal (Private Markets),
    Mergence Investment Managers, South Africa
  • Chris Hart: Executive Chairman, Impact Investment Group
    of Companies, Africa
  • Chris Schalkwyk , Director and Executive Manager,
    Mdluli Safari Lodge, SA
  • Dandy Matemela: Founder & Group Chairman, Muma
    Architects & Property Developers, South Africa
  • Darron Scorgie: Head Of Africa | Signatory Relations,
  • Deresh Lawangee: Chief Executive Officer RISE
    Proprietary Limited, South Africa
  • Dominic Gaobepe: Managing Director, Cohesion
    Collective, South Africa
  • Dr Okechukwu Okere: Country Manager/ CEO of Hofstede
    Insights, Nigeria / Regional Vice President for Africa, Hofstede Insights
  • Dr. Abuobayda Shabat: Head of Data Science Lab, Risk
    Insights, South Africa
  • Dr. Christian Kingombe, Founder And Director, 4ip And
    Partner, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Nanine Wyma, Programme Manager, Proveg South Africa
  • Dr. Sara Murdock: Founder, Moirai Group (USA)
  • Dr. Sarah Murdock, Founder, Moirai Group (USA)
  • Fezeka Stuurman: Chief Legacy Builder, Cultiver, South
  • Ipolitu Mubiru, Executive Director, African Diversity
    And Inclusion Center-ADIC, Uganda
  • Issa Faye Director, Sector Economics And Development
    Impact Department, International Finance Corporation (IFC)
  • James Brice-CEO, EBS, Advisory, Africa
  • Jason Lightfoot: Portfolio Manager, Futuregrowth
    Investment Managers, South Africa
  • Jones Gondo Senior Research Analyst, Nedbank, South
  • Kevin Holliday: Managing Director, Companies Creating
    Change, C3,Dubai, UAE
  • Lesego Gaegane : Senior Project Manager National Dam
    Siltation Management Programme, Water Research Commission, Sa
  • Mark Victor: Deloitte Partner: Africa Sustainability
    and Climate Leader, Deloitte Africa
  • Namita Vikas, Founder And Managing Director, Auctusesg,
  • Nicola Comninos- Chief Risk Officer, Johannesburg Stock
    Exchange, South Africa
  • Nicole Martens-Senior Stewardship Manager, Old Mutual
    Alternative Investments, South Africa
  • Patrick Sithole: Registrar, Eapasa, South Africa
  • Peter Chintu: Co-Founder, 4IP Group LLC (UK)
  • Raylene Watson: Chief Operating Officer, EBS Advisory,
    South Africa
  • Shameela (Ebrahim) Soobramoney, Chief Sustainability
    Officer, Johannesburg Stock Exchange, South Africa
  • Shantha Bloemen: Founder And CEO, Mobility Africa
  • Zano Mataruka: Head Of Sustainable Finance
    International Finance Corporation (IFC)
  • And Many More


The summit
offers great exclusive opportunities for organisations and brands with focus on
Africa investments and sustainability to position themselves as thought leaders
and engage and network with stakeholders in the industry across the continent

  • Speaking
  • Partnering
  • Attending
  • Sponsoring
  • Branding
  • Collaborating and
  • Networking

Day 1 part 1 | Climate Change and ESG

  • Climate Change adaptation and
  • Carbon markets/ Carbon credits
  • Just energy transition-
    Renewable energy mix-Solar, green hydrogen, geothermal, hydro etc

Day 1 part 2 | ESG/ Impact Investing

  • Impact Investing in Africa-A
    continental and SA Perspective
  • Impact Investing Post Covid19
  • Impact measurement
  • Investment opportunities for
    institutional investors, pension funds and private equity / venture
    capital Firms
  • Gender lens investing
  • Circularity / Circular economy
  • Impact Risk / Impact
    risk/return trade-offs
  • Diversity, equity &
    Inclusion-Plus Transformation and Justice
  • Policy, legal & regulatory
    guidelines for impact investing
  • Tech for Impact
  • Mission Investing
  • Impact/Green washing.
  • Millennials, shareholder
    Activism and Impact Investing
  • Social entrepreneurship,
    poverty alleviation and job security
  • Sustainable infrastructure,
    Agriculture, Tourism, Mining etc

Day 2: Sustainable Finance

  • Sustainable / Green Finance in Southern Africa- A
    regional overview
  • Developing Policy and regulatory Frameworks and
    taxonomies for green Finance
  • Innovative finance-Mechanisms and opportunities
  • The role of financial institutions in driving
    sustainable Finance
  • The role of capital Markets in green Finance
  • Blended Finance
  • Investment opportunities
  • Developing green project pipelines
  • The role of catalytic capital in driving impact
    and social development
  • Incentives for sustainable finance
  • Developing sustainable finance products withing
    the financial sector
  • How the financial sector can accelerate and
    implement green finance initiatives
  • Green / Climate bonds

Target Sectors:

The summit will focus on Impact investments and ESG in key sectors such as;

  • Climate Change
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Agriculture & Food
  • Energy
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Financial Services
  • Housing
  • Mining & Manufacturing
  • Tourism
  • Technology etc

Deadline for topic and proposal submissions 31/02/24

Email all your submissions to